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Title tag is one of the most important thing for SEO. The <title> tag should be placed within the <head> tag of the HTML document. 


    <title>SEO Tutorial - Title Tag</title>


SEO Title Tag

Search engines use the title to determine what the page is about. And also people see the title tag in search results and make a decision looking for titles in search results and they click.

Title tag should be used to describe content of that page in a concise way. So title should accurately describe the page content. You should avoid to use a title that has no relation with page content and avoid to use "untitled" or "homepage" titles. You should be careful that every page on your site should have a unique page title. 

Another important thing, it's better to use max. 65 characters in title tag(including spaces). Avoid stuffing and using lots of keywords in page title. 

Because Google and Ask search engines only show the 69 characters of title tag in search results, Yahoo shows 72 characters, Bing shows 65 characters. 

Do not use stop words(list of stop words) in title.

Do not place too many keywords in title( because of this doesn't work and google may penalize for this.

For keyword separation use hyphens (-) or pipes (|)

Basically you should be careful when creating title;

  • Title tag is very important for search engine optimization.It should be unique in every page in your website.
  • Title should describe the content of page.
  • Avoid using more than 65 characters and keyword stuffing.

I suggest you to watch the following videos by Matt Cutts head of Google's Webspam team.

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