SEO Tutorial - Alexa Rank tracks websites traffic history, and gives a ranking based upon the number of visitors using Alexa toolbar. 

Alexa Rank is a measure of traffic to your site compared to all other sites in the world. If your site is in the top 100,000 Alexa rank, your website traffic should be very good.

There are 2 main problems with importance of Alexa ranking for SEO. First the rankings are based on users who have installed the Alexa toolbar onto their browser. If your websites visitors do not have the toolbar running then tour site doesn't affected the rankings. The second problem is if you could get a few friends to install the toolbar(or using softwares) and they surf your site everyday, you can increare your site into top 100.000.

Alexa ranking system can be easily manipulated. But still it's better your site ranked in Alexa, the more business you'll get.

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